November Team — A week in Area X
Nov 25th,2019

On this episode of Apes Among Us, hosts Brandon Lentz and Brian Brown take you on a journey to a valley deep in the Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion designated “Area X” by the NAWAC. The men — as part of “November” team and along with two other team mates — spent a week there this past summer. It was a week that was at once extraordinary but also mundane; that is, extraordinary by anyone’s standards, but mundane by Area X standards. You'll hear the details of two likely visual encounters with wood apes as well as the investigation of a possible wood ape photo taken from space(!). Also, Matt Pruitt and NAWAC Director Emeritus Alton Higgins discuss the history and genesis of NAWAC field work in the valley, which, nearly two decades later, led directly to the week spent there by the four-man November team. Just one more week and four more men, in a long line of both.

Images mentioned in this episode:

Size comparison of Brian Brown (6', 210 lbs) to the animal seen by November team member Rich from his perspective

Google Earth image with possible wood ape (detail)