Apes Among Us

Meeting Pruitt

In Episode 3 of Apes Among Us, host Brandon Lentz chats with new AAU co-host Matt Pruitt about his background and the latest NAWAC observations in Area X.

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In August 2015, something happened in the mountains of the Ouachita range that had never happened before. This event was the culmination of a decade and a half of effort and learning by the members of the North American Wood Ape Conservancy and may have brought about the first real behavioral and biological data about an animal many people thinks doesn't exist.


In our inaugural episode, hosts Brandon Lentz and Brian Brown explore some notable wood ape encounters experienced and investigated by members of the NAWAC. Also discussed, the group's Ouachita Project Monograph.

More information and show notes can be found on the NAWAC website.

NAWAC Podcast Teaser 3: The music

Join hosts Brandon Lentz and Brian Brown as they talk to Daryl Colyer, the creator of this podcast's theme song, "The Seekers." 

Last teaser! Next up, episode one!

NAWAC Podcast Teaser 2: The hosts

The hosts of the new North American Wood Ape Conservancy podcast, Brian Brown and Brandon Lentz, introduce themselves.

NAWAC Podcast Teaser

Something's coming...