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Planet of the Mystery Apes, Chapter 2: Asia’s Almasty

In a region that was once the running grounds of the Mongol hordes, khans, and warlords, stretching from the Caucasus to Mongolia and the borders of China, there in remote corners supposedly resides an enigmatic, wild, man-like species, generally known as "Almasty." Join hosts Matt Pruitt and Daryl Colyer as they interview archaeologist Paul Bowman, Jr. for a fascinating discussion about the Almasty, Asia's mystery ape. 

Musings: Technology, Science, and the Pursuit

Hosts Daryl Colyer and Matt Pruitt have a one-on-one conversation that covers a range of topics related to the NAWAC and its efforts, including: the conclusion of the 2021 summer operation in Area X; applying conventional wildlife photography practices to the pursuit of the wood ape; the value of images; visual acuity in apes; testing the hominoid hypothesis; type I and type II errors; and why the pursuit matters. 

Exploring Alternative Paths to Discovery

Hosts Matt Pruitt and Daryl Colyer explore various alternatives to specimen collection in this new episode. A few updates regarding the summer operation and Hadrian's Wall are covered in the introduction, followed by a discussion with NAWAC member and professional archaeologist Paul Bowman Jr. about the likelihood of finding the bones of a wood ape. A roundtable segment follows, focused on the tranquilization or sedation of a wood ape. The roundtable features NAWAC members Travis Lawrence, Paul Bowman Jr., and Oklahoma-based veterinarian Jeff Hammond.  

Hadrian’s Wall: An Area X Update

In this episode, join Matt and Daryl for an update on the North American Wood Ape Conservancy's field work in Area X. Guests include NAWAC Chairman Mike Mayes and Bud Mellicker, who have just returned from deploying an extensive camera-trap array dubbed "Hadrian's Wall" by the NAWAC. Also, Dusty Haithcoat returns, along with his friend Ashlee, to talk about their visual encounter with a big gray sasquatch on the periphery of our base camp at the end of May.

Planet of the Mystery Apes, Chapter 1: South Africa’s Otang

In this episode, host Matt Pruitt speaks with acclaimed South African wildlife researcher and author Gareth Patterson about his groundbreaking work with lions, elephants, and his recently revealed years of research into an as-yet-unstudied hominoid called the otang. This is the first installment of a new series on Apes Among Us called “The Planet of the Mystery Apes”.

Gareth’s new book about the otang — Beyond The Secret Elephants — is available in Kindle format at Amazon. Read more about Gareth at his website, garethpatterson.com

Variance: 2019 Field Operation Recap

Join hosts Brandon, Matt, and Brian for their recap of the NAWAC’s 2019 summer field study, Operation Variance. While at the NAWAC’s Annual Strategic Retreat in February, the guys talked to a number of NAWAC members who had notable wood ape encounters. NAWAC Chairman Mike Mayes joins for an engaging Roundtable discussion. Also, Brian talks with NAWAC Board Member Ed Harrison about the approach the group will be taking in 2020, utilizing new technological resources.

2020 Training Camp

Join hosts Brandon Lentz and Matt Pruitt in this episode of Apes Among Us for an exclusive inside look at how the NAWAC trains its citizen-scientist members. Lentz and Pruitt go onsite at the NAWAC’s 2020 Training Camp for discussions with and perspectives from new recruits and NAWAC veterans as well.

From the Archives: Persistence in Area X

Go back in time with Brian Brown in this remixed, remastered nostalgic episode from the Bigfoot Show, originally recorded in August 2012, as he interviewed NAWAC (then TBRC) members who had just wrapped up their 2012 summer field study, Operation Persistence, the second such field study as part of the long-term Ouachita Project. AAU co-hosts Matt Pruitt and Brandon Lentz provide some input from a 2019 perspective. 

November Team — A week in Area X

On this episode of Apes Among Us, hosts Brandon Lentz and Brian Brown take you on a journey to a valley deep in the Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion designated “Area X” by the NAWAC. The men — as part of “November” team and along with two other team mates — spent a week there this past summer. It was a week that was at once extraordinary but also mundane; that is, extraordinary by anyone’s standards, but mundane by Area X standards. You'll hear the details of two likely visual encounters with wood apes as well as the investigation of a possible wood ape photo taken from space(!). Also, Matt Pruitt and NAWAC Director Emeritus Alton Higgins discuss the history and genesis of NAWAC field work in the valley, which, nearly two decades later, led directly to the week spent there by the four-man November team. Just one more week and four more men, in a long line of both.

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Citizen Scientists

In Episode 6 of Apes Among Us, entitled “Citizen Scientists,” hosts Matt Pruitt, Brandon Lentz, and Brian Brown discuss with NAWAC Chairman Michael Mayes and other NAWAC members their experiences, observations, and contributions as citizen scientists—individuals without formal scientific training who collect data to advance the cause of science. Wildlife biologist Angelo Capparella also returns to Apes Among Us to provide input regarding citizen science from the perspective of a professional scientist. In the spirit of citizen science, Brandon talks to Kim Wheeler of the Red Wolf Coalition about some unidentified canid vocalizations collected by the NAWAC in September 2018.

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